Message from Our Founder

The Dare to Reach Foundation was established to bring music and hope back to pediatric cancer patients by raising money to purchase musical instruments for music therapy programs located in children's hospitals. Originally, the Dare to Reach Foundation benefitted the Institute for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders at the Joseph M. Sanzari Children's Hospital at the Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, NJ. The institute is supported in part by the Tomorrows Children's Fund. This charity is very dear to my heart, as my Aunt Lauren was one of the original Tomorrows Children. We never met, but I am named after her. Lauren Weinstein was brave, humble, and fearless. She battled osteogenic sarcoma for nine years while still managing to graduate from Stanford University and attend Yale Medical. For some, each day is left to chance. For Lauren, each day was a gift, to be interpreted and cherished.
Spending months, which turned into years in the hospital, Lauren's only musical connection was a small bedside radio. Music therapy consisted of a cart with egg shakers and a toy piano. I believe that music fortifies us and leads us to believe that we can overcome anything. It has the ability to foster confidence and give us strength to take on the world. For some, the horrific and unimaginable.  On Lauren's tombstone reads the words "Dare to Reach for the best in yourself." This foundation is dedicated to her and to all of the children who battled cancer bravely, those who Dared to Reach. 

-Danielle Shoulman

The Dare to Reach Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

Lauren Debra Weinstein 1963-1989

Dare to Reach Board of Directors

Danielle Shoulman | Founder and Executive Director
Elisabeth Shoulman | President
Pamela Stern | Vice President
Eran Shoulman | Treasurer
Ariel Shoulman | Secretary
Ashley Chaey
Joan Cowlan
Emma Parrish
Helaine Weinstein
L.Donald Weinstein